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Talk to any marketer and they can recite a slew of obstacles they face in doing their job. Prospects are risk-averse, spending is scrutinized like never before, competition is fierce (duh!), and buyers have pretty much made up their minds before you even talk to them.


On top of all that, the overall din of the marketplace—the distracting noise created by the growing clutter of marketing communications—makes it hard to simply get noticed. And when you have complicated concepts to explain in a limited amount of time, it's even harder to be understood.​

HCC helps you cut through the clutter by 

  • clarifying complex messages

  • creating powerful content, and

  • developing compelling communication formats that engage your customers and prospects.

It starts and ends with a story.

You can take any number of approaches in creating and packaging what you’re trying to say – emails, brochures, infographics, videos, etc. – but they all need to tell a story.


Stories create a context for readers and viewers that allows them to relate on an emotional level to whatever you're trying to say. Without a story, you're simply reciting facts – or worse, pumping out a bunch of marketing clichés. And every facet of your marketing communications—not only copywriting, but media, design, and illustration—needs to advance the story you're trying to tell.  

Let us help you tell your story.


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